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Vibration Analyzer

Packing in ONEPROD’s 30 years of experience in the condition monitoring of rotating equipment, FALCON is an innovative tool for vibration measurement and analysis that puts condition-based maintenance within the grasp of all users.


Wireless monitoring system

ONEPROD EAGLE is a wireless monitoring system for critical rotating machinery. It measures automatically vibration in three directions as well as the bearing temperature. Its measurement performances make of EAGLE the best wireless diagnostic solution available on the vibration analysis market.


Wind turbine monitoring system

ONEPROD KITE is intended for continuous vibration monitoring of wind turbines. By detecting faults at an early stage, production uptime can be increased thanks to scheduled and targeted maintenance. Embedding ONEPROD’s 30+ years of experience in condition monitoring, KITE offers unrivalled diagnosis capabilities on the low-speed rotating components. Its extensive processing power makes it possible to monitor wind turbines with high accuracy, despite their variable operating conditions.

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