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AT-200: Text


The smart laser alignment tool

The new generation of horizontal and vertical laser axis alignment solution. Offering unparalleled measurement performance and fast, accurate alignment, the AT-200 uses technology to enhance your user experience and help you extend the life of your critical machines.



Intelligent alignment tool

So much more than an alignment tool, the AT-200 Toolbox combines smart sensors with CCD technology with full connectivity through our shaft alignment apps and a cloud-based platform to give you the power to make informed decisions and take immediate corrective maintenance actions - directly from your tablet or smartphone.


Intuitive GuideU™ interface

Our patented, customizable, icon-driven and color-coded display system makes measuring, aligning, documenting and reporting on any job easy. It minimizes the risk of errors by guiding you through the process using visual, logical and easy-to-follow steps to provide accurate measurement and correction values. Lighting and graphic reflections are optimized for use on mobile devices in industrial environments.


TrueLive™.... a game changer for shaft alignment

TrueLive™ leading edge technology ensures you always know the exact position of your machine. The two compact smart sensors feature laser beams and inclinometers that monitor both axis positions simultaneously. Even if you move the machine position outside the detector range or interrupt the laser beam, the smart sensors resume with an updated machine position and always provide live values, saving you a lot of time when aligning your machines.


The best accuracy for industrial applications

The supervisor CCD technology of AT-200 sensors makes them highly tolerant to harmful external factors, such as vibration and ambient light, and offers unparalleled digital filtering capabilities. Just enable the smart Alignment Intelligence filter to automatically adjust the measurement time and use intelligent screen filtering in live alignment mode with excellent results. The line laser eliminates rough alignment and provides the most accurate readings during the alignment process.


The AT-200 is just one solution in Acoem's Augmented Mechanics Ecosystem – the first truly flexible and scalable solution for combining different technologies on the same mobile platform to deliver reliable and accurate proactive and predictive maintenance for industrial machines. Constantly adding tools or upgrades as new technologies become available, or as your specific needs change over time.

In addition to the horizontal and vertical axis alignment apps, the ecosystem currently features:

  • The Pre-alignment app, designed to simplify the complexity of your laser alignment process, making it faster and more reliable (works with the Acoem wireless run-out probe)

  • The Bearing Defender app, which provides quick, first-level information about bearing condition based on vibration measurements in seconds (works with an Acoem VT-300 wireless vibration sensor)

  • The Machine Defender app, which works in the field with AI-powered vibration diagnosis for all rotating machines (Acoem VT-300 wireless vibration sensor)





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