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Monitoring system for wind turbines

The purpose of ONEPROD KITE is to continuously monitor wind turbine vibrations. Early fault detection allows planned and specific maintenance to be performed to extend production time. With over 30 years of experience from ONEPROD in conditional monitoring, KITE offers unique diagnostic capabilities on the components of low speed rotating machines. Its extensive computing power makes it possible to monitor wind turbines with high precision, despite their variable operating conditions.



  • stainless and IP51 waterproof

  • size: 371 x 175 x 133 mm (14.6 x 6.89 x 5.23 in)

  • easy mounting with DIN rail




Easy to install

Compact, waterproof and dustproof up to IP51 level, ONEPROD KITE can be installed in the gondola without any cover. The KITE is easy to mount on a DIN rail. Visual identifiers on the product make it easy to install cables.


Designed for the wind industry

In accordance with the latest ECM requirements, the KITE is resistant to lightning strikes and electromagnetic disturbances from the wind turbine. Precise monitoring of the wind turbine is possible thanks to reliable measurements. Without a fan or a conventional rotating hard drive, the design of the KITE allows safe long-term operation.


Comprehensive monitoring of key components

ONEPROD KITE provides 12 data acquisition channels. All information required for relevant monitoring of the drive and nacelle can be connected to the KITE; accelerometer, tachometer, 4-20mA or DC inputs to process information. In addition, parameters available on the PLC, such as wind speed, force, slope, lateral axis, vertical axis, temperature, can be collected without additional channel in numerical format.


Reliable low-speed part monitoring

ONEPROD KITE enables early detection of faults on the slow rotating parts of wind turbines, thanks to its unique set of tools designed for temporal analysis:

  • automatic shock detection with the Shock Finder algorithm (presence and number of shocks)

  • band kurtosis with progressive alarms

  • various tools to process measurements, such as filters and statistical indicators

  • acquisition is done in a synchronized manner across all channels, facilitating analysis and improving diagnosis.


Help with decision making

The latest diagnostic and maintenance recommendations are available in real time in the ONEPROD NEST software, regardless of location. It became easier to optimize the maintenance process:

  • simplifies spare parts management

  • bringing replacement maintenance together

  • removes systematic maintenance checks and their costs





Technical datasheet


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