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Specially for horizontal shaft alignment

The all-digital wireless ECO is an entry-level system dedicated to horizontal shaft alignment.



Innovative shaft alignment at an affordable price

The ECO's display unit is compact and features a 4" color screen, making it easy to handle in tight spaces. The intuitive user interface offers class-leading ease of use and together with the wireless sensors and an IP 65 certified design you have an affordable precision instrument specially designed for horizontal axis alignment.


Choose your view with the Screen Flip

Confusing when the screen doesn't show the machine from the same angle as yours? No problem, we have a solution for that too – the Screen Flip. This allows you to view the machine setup from the actual view you have of the machine.


VertiZontal Moves – measure once, move twice!

The VertiZontal™ Moves feature displays exactly how much to adjust a misaligned machine, by adding or removing shims, at the feet of the machine. With the VertiZontal Moves™ you no longer need to re-measure between the vertical and horizontal phases to correct the horizontal misalignment. This industry-first feature saves time and ensures accuracy right from the start.




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