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Laser alignment tool

When you pick up an NXA Pro system, you're holding the aggregate of more than 30 years of innovation in laser-based shaft alignment in your hands. The NXA Pro makes the job of any maintenance professional easier and the best finished results are achieved.


A revolution in shaft alignment

A revolution in shaft alignment and a revolution in usability with the NXA Pro – a digital laser-based shaft alignment system! The NXA Pro aims to provide the user with quick and easy operation, as well as access to advanced features and capabilities, such as the OmniView™ and the VertiZontal Moves™, and arguably the best power management system on the market.


Patented adaptive user interface

Our patented icon-based and color-coded user interface makes it easy to measure, align and document any work. To minimize the risk of operator errors, we developed an adaptive user interface for the NXA Pro system.

This adaptive user interface guides the user through the entire work in logical and easy-to-follow steps. It provides measurement and correction values ​​based on what the system records during the alignment process. This provides easy access during a measurement with the NXA Pro system.

VertiZontal Moves – measure once, move twice!

The VertiZontal™ Moves feature tells you exactly how much to adjust a misaligned machine by adding or removing shims at the feet of the machine. No more re-measurements between the vertical and horizontal phases to correct the horizontal misalignment. This primo function saves time and ensures accuracy right from the start.


Smart laser sensors

The sensor units of the NXA Pro are graduated to the 2nd generation sensor. This sensor version improves tolerance to harmful external factors, such as vibrations and ambient light, and delivers the most accurate and precise readings compared to any other system. We integrated the line laser with the sensor and this combination eliminates the rough alignment, a huge time saver. Very compact, only 33.5 mm wide, the sensor units fit in the tightest places. The sensor units contain:

  • long life batteries

  • Bluetooth communication, and

  • gyroscopes. The gyroscopes make it possible to measure with the Tripoint Method in the vertical axis alignment application, something that no other axis alignment tool is capable of!




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