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MVX / MV-120

MVX / MV-120: Text

MVX / MV-120

Status controller for bearings

With 30 years of ONEPROD experience in monitoring rotating machines, Bearing Defender's patented wireless solution provides instant diagnosis of bearing condition. Within the reach of any mechanic, you can quickly improve a reliability program.



Slow axes

Predictive maintenance on low-speed machines is more complex to perform. The condition of the machine is more difficult to assess because it requires high-resolution data and advanced vibration analysis tools. Coupled with the Acoem NEST platform, the ONEPROD MVX and MV-120 system offers the perfect solution:

  • Synchronous recording of various slow shaft rotations (<10 RPM) can be performed with up to 32 channels, improving bearing damage detection with both low and high frequency content analysis.

  • Shocks from low-speed parts are hidden between intense vibration signals and are very difficult to detect. Thanks to ACOEM Shock Finder ™ , an intelligent algorithm developed with existing applications, shock detection is automatic and gives an early indication of a malfunction in an installation at such low speeds.

  • all necessary analysis tools are available: statistical analysis, band kurtosis, smart filters ... All post-process indicators can generate trends and help to predict the evolution of the plant's condition


Real time monitoring

Maintenance based on Condition monitoring is expected to measure the machines at regular intervals using variable vibration indicators. ACOEM goes even further, as the MVX and MV-120 enable real-time tracking of indicators, ensuring:

  • that no monitoring event is missed. (no loss in data acquisition)

  • permanent reactivity: the smallest anomaly is detected in real time

  • able to detect spurious and transient events.

  • Pre-trigger functions that display the raw signal immediately before the event.


Monitoring of complex machines

In the era of Industry 4.0, data capture is no longer an issue. But for machines operating under different process conditions, the difficulty now lies in providing a solution capable of capturing the right data at the right time, enabling reliable analysis and error prediction. The performance of the MVX and MV-120 allows monitoring of the most complex machine encountered in industrial processes:

  • Up to 10 operating conditions can be defined with 1 or more process parameters

  • Data acquisition strategy, indicators and alarm thresholds are instantly adapted to any working condition

  • Stability parameters are set to ensure that every measurement is taken in the correct condition.



The MVX system can be transported in a case with BNC connectors for 8, 16, 24 or 32 channels to meet a temporary monitoring need:

  • rugged IP54 design, with a built-in fan system and UPS

  • place to install a 15'' laptop pc

  • dimensions: 560 x 465 x 265 mm (22.0 x 18.3 x 10.4 in)

  • weight: 16 kg (30 lbs)

With external power, the monitoring enclosure can remain closed even with a computer in and next to the equipment for a day, a week, a month... Ideal for conducting a full assessment of the condition of the most complex machines, it provides the best measurement and best signal processing capabilities for troubleshooting.





Technical datasheet


Technical datasheet




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